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We host a variety of events throughout the year, including monthly programs, a conference, happy hours, a holiday party, and a volunteer recognition party.  Our monthly programs are generally held on the second Thursday of every month. Networking begins at 7:30 a.m., and the presentation runs from 8:00-9:30 a.m.  Hot and cold breakfast (including water and coffee) is served throughout.  Presentations and materials from previous events may be available to our members (view members-only content or become a member to gain access to these materials).  

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Upcoming events

    • 10 May 2018
    • 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM
    • The Heights of Richmond Heights, 8001 Dale Avenue, Richmond Heights, MO
    • 77


    OD and LEAN – Partners in Organizational Effectiveness

    Presenters: Leroy Love & Dr. John Miller

    As organizations seek to synergize the efforts of their internal consulting elements, it is important to have a practice model for how these entities can collaborate to exceed customer expectations and continue demonstrating the “value add” for their services.

    At St. Louis Children’s Hospital (SLCH) there are several internal consultants who are working on initiatives that have significant cultural context and impact.  These include HR/Organizational Effectiveness, Process Improvement, Diversity and Inclusion and Patient Experience.  Because there hadn’t been an active forum or initiative that formally brought these groups together to discuss, discover and determine a unified pathway, we had several groups doing similar work, very little synergy with each other and a sometimes confusing cultural picture to unit and department leaders.

    With this challenge mind, Process Improvement (PI) and Organizational Effectiveness (OE) initiated a “test of change” and partnered along the continuum of a LEAN transformation. They combined OD and PI tactics and competencies within specific LEAN projects in order to accelerate the building of the SLCH “Culture of Improvement.” 

    Leroy Love and John Miller will share their story of how they applied the concepts of trust building, collaboration, change leadership, and resiliency within their work to improve emergency department patient wait times by 40%. They will describe how the improvements were accelerated through the combined efforts of PI and OD thinking. Through storytelling and table discussions, you will have the opportunity to discuss how to build the same cross-functional consultant collaboration to achieve similar results in your organization.

    About the Facilitators

    Leroy Love is Director of the Performance Excellence department at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. The department provides consultation to help clinical and administrative teams provide care and service more efficiently and effectively.  He joined the hospital in 2007.  His team’s collaboration with other hospital departments and units has resulted in more than $10 million dollars in revenue enhancements and cost savings. 

    Leroy is a certified process improvement expert having attained Lean/Six Sigma Black Belt and Master Black Belt certifications.  As a Process Engineer with Mallinckrodt, he was awarded an international patent for innovations in the pharmaceutical industry in 2007.  Leroy holds a master’s degree in engineering management from the University of Missouri-Rolla and a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He is an adjunct faculty member and program director in the Washington University School of Engineering for the Master of Healthcare Operational Excellence program.  He is also an adjunct faculty member for St. Louis University’s Master of Health Administration program and guest lecturer on the topic of process improvement in SLU’s Master of Science in Nursing and Master of Science in Health Informatics programs. 

    Dr. John Miller is the Director of Cultural Transformation at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. He is responsible for Leadership Development, Talent Management, Team Building and Cultural Enhancement across the hospital and with Washington University School of Medicine partners.  A seasoned HR/OD professional for more than 25 years, John is a native St. Louisan with personal passions in music, movies, books (with lots of pictures), and, of course, St. Louis Cardinals baseball. 

    John began his career in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry and has held positions in school administration, textiles, telecom, as an independent consultant and now in healthcare.  With two small grandchildren, the mission of St. Louis Children’s Hospital, “We do What’s Right for Kids,” has taken on special meaning. 

    John earned both his B.S. in HR and his Master’s in Corporate and Industrial Communication from Lindenwood University in St. Charles MO, and holds a PhD in International Business from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, FL. 

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21 Apr 2015 2015 Annual Conference: Thriving with Organization Development
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12 Jun 2014 Monthly Program Canceled
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14 Mar 2014 Volunteerism in the OD Community: Leveraging our Expertise for Added Value - Case Study on the United Way Funds Allocation Process
13 Feb 2014 Enhancing OD's Value: 7 Tips on Thinking Like a CEO
29 Jan 2014 Communities of Practice - Change Management Meeting
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12 Dec 2013 2013 STL-ODN Holiday Party
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29 Oct 2013 Third Annual STL-ODN Volunteer Recognition and Networking Event
10 Oct 2013 LAB Profile: Language Tools for Successful Interventions
25 Sep 2013 The 2013 STL-ODN Conference: OD's Role in Corporate Strategy
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05 Dec 2012 2012 STL-ODN Holiday Party
08 Nov 2012 Strategy Execution As An Organization Development Intervention
12 Oct 2012 Blending Leadership Development and Talent Management: A Case Study at BJC----NOTE: This program is on a Friday
27 Sep 2012 Second Annual STL-ODN Volunteer Recognition and Networking Event
13 Sep 2012 Shaping Change with Social Media: What, when, where, why, how
22 Aug 2012 STL-ODN Mission/Vision Discussion (Open to STL-ODN Members)
09 Aug 2012 Are You Solving the Right Strategic Problem?
26 Jul 2012 An Evening with Warner Burke
20 Jun 2012 An Evening of Conversation
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29 Feb 2012 The 2012 STL-ODN Conference: The Shifting Role of Organization Development in Business
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18 Aug 2011 Volunteer Recruitment Event
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14 Jul 2011 Summer Break - No July Program
09 Jun 2011 MAPping Performance – A New Path to OD Interventions
12 May 2011 The Shifting Paradigm of Executive Leadership Development: From the Individual to the Collective
19 Apr 2011 An Evening of Conversation
14 Apr 2011 Dilemmas, Challenges, and Opportunities Facing Us as OD Professionals
10 Mar 2011 Organizational Change toward Work-Family Balance
23 Feb 2011 St. Louis OD Network 2011 Conference
13 Jan 2011 Developing Managers Who Can Lead: An Integrated Leadership Development Model at Olin Business School
09 Dec 2010 Holiday Party
18 Nov 2010 Building Virtual Work Organizations
14 Oct 2010 Making Mentoring Matter
09 Sep 2010 Understanding the Power of Competency Modeling
12 Aug 2010 HR and OD: Two Sides of the Same Coin - How can OD effectively partner with HR?
10 Jun 2010 Innovations in Assessing and Designing Organizations
13 May 2010 Driving Business Results through People
11 Mar 2010 Anatomy of Feedback
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