Up Your OD A-Game: Neuro-Axiology and the Rise of “Use-of-Self 2.0” (Valuegenic Self-Leadership)

  • 13 May 2021
  • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
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Could neuro-axiology (brain science + value science) be the piece that’s been missing in mainstream behavioral science? Could it be the game-changer for OD that those who know what it is, believe it to be? Can it be the catalyst that takes OD and OD practitioners to a new level of leadership, use-of-self, engagement, impact, effectiveness, sustainability, and ROI across the entire Global OD Competency Framework? You decide.

Wrap your head in duct tape so it doesn’t explode, then open your heart and mind to discover what Stephen R. Covey called a “groundbreaking science.” Find out why “VQ” beats EQ, PQ, IQ, and even GQ. Learn how the knowledge and use of just one “Cognitive Asset” changed a life and a business. Discover how this science enabled a major construction firm to transform itself into one of most favored by vendors, desired by customers, and lauded by employees.

If the phrase “linking thinking to performance” gets your OD juices flowing more than “sinking dollars into conformance,” you’re going to like this program a lot.

By attending this session, OD practitioners will learn…

  • ·         Three actionable principles that will change how you think about OD
  • ·         Two practices for unlocking and unleashing more of your Use-of-Self “A-Game”
  • ·         One powerful paradigm shift that could land you in the C-suite (for good reason)

About the Facilitators

Peter Demarest

Peter is one of the world’s leading pioneers in the science of neuro-axiology (brain science + value science), author of the definitive book on the science, Answering the Central Question (2010), and co-founder of Axiogenics, LLC. His passion is the application of neuro-axiology to personal, leadership, and organization development. He and his partners are the developers of the VQ Profile® Assessment, the pedagogy for transformational coaching and training called Neuro-axiological Cognitive Remodeling (NCRT), and a suite of tools and methods for integrating the science into OD at all levels. Peter has been a coach and consultant to senior executives and other leaders within global organizations, non-profits, SMBs; and hundreds of entrepreneurs for nearly 20 years. He has trained and mentored coaches, consultants, and therapists around the world in the science and applications of neuro-axiology, VQ Profiling, and NCRT.

Mary Kutheis

Mary, owner of MCK Coaching + Training, started her company 21 years ago knowing she could make more of an impact being on the outside of many organizations rather than inside of one. Being fascinated since childhood by how the brain works, how we talk to one-another, and interpersonal problem-solving has made coaching the perfect career. Though it did take 39 years to figure that out. Mary is an Axiogenics and Executive Coach. She developed The E3 Shift™ Evolution from Owner to Leader, a framework that guides her coaching programs. She’s a certified analyst for the VQ Profile, EQ-I 2.0, DISC and Driving Forces assessments. Her first solo book, Making Minutes Matter: Your Guide To Being Content with How You Spend Your Time, was published in 2019. It features the Making Minutes Matter Method; which is using criteria rooted in core values to guide choices about how to use the finite amount of time we have.

OD Global Competency Framework areas addressed in this program

Credible Strategist, Informed Consultant

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