Connecting Professionals to Foster Career Development

The St. Louis Organization Development Network offers a mentoring program for members who would like to advance their career and develop, both personally and professionally, with the guidance of a senior level STL-ODN member.

The application period begins annually in December and runs through the following fall. The timeline for the current year as well as contact information can be found below.


    • Career development - Mentees will work closely with a mentor to further their career aspirations.
    • Giving back - Seasoned OD practitioners will have the opportunity to work with newer OD professionals.
    • Expanded knowledge market - The St. Louis OD Network will have a sustainable avenue to increase the competency of its members.

      How Can You Benefit?

      Feedback from Mentees:

        As a seasoned professional and a new consultant, I was unsure if the mentoring program was for me….I have had a wonderful experience.  My mentor is a business owner/consultant and I honestly could not have asked for a better person to help me achieve my goals!  I highly recommend it! – Loren

        Coming into the program I did not know what to expect…. My mentor told me to focus on my impact. That is what I have spent the past 9 months doing. Focusing on my impact and what I am bringing to each interaction with my organization's leaders. It seems so small and non shifting in who I am as a professional, but the mind set shift went from passive to active and allowed my engagement to increase. – Jennifer

        My time in the mentoring program was insightful on many levels. Within my triad, we discussed current professional challenges and how to respond to them. I specifically sought out the mentoring program as an opportunity for me to reflect and crystallize my professional experience to this point in my career. I feel that the time with my group allowed me to do that and deepen my own professional identity as someone working in organizational development. – Katie

          Feedback from Mentors:

            I had two fabulous mentees! They brought good issues directly from work to address as a team. It was very gratifying to experience the learning from pooling our combined wisdom. They took insights from our discussions and tools to immediately apply in their own context. At each meeting, we were able to celebrate their successes. – Ellen

            I was just amazed at the ambition and competence of my mentees and I wondered if I was at their level at their age. They were eager to share and eager to receive feedback, showing openness and hunger for growth. I did not have any silver bullets to offer.  I asked a lot of questions and, once we got to know each other a little, continued to probe in the “uncomfortable” areas. There were some aha’s and takeaways that they are still talking about today. Overall I would say it was a great experience for all three of us. I enjoyed it immensely. – Annalisa 

              Program Structure

                • The establishment of a formal relationship for the duration of the program.
                • Mentee and mentor commit to meeting for 2 hours per month.
                • Mentee and mentor establish meeting times and locations.
                • STL-ODN provides three meetings led by Rik Nemanick, Ph.D, a facilitator with extensive experience in successful mentoring programs. Attendance at the Kick-Off, Mid-Point and Year-End Meetings is essential in order to discuss questions and share ideas and information regarding helpful resources and best practices. 


                    • Member of the STL-ODN.
                    • A minimum of 2 years of OD experience. (This opportunity is not designed to help people learn OD).
                    • Must commit 2 hours per month for the mentoring period.
                    • Must commit to attending the Kick-Off and Mid-Point Meetings.
                    • Currently working in an OD capacity.
                    • Individuals who participated in the prior year are welcome to apply. (If space is limited, priority will be given to new applicants).
                        • Member of the STL-ODN.
                        • Senior-level position in organization / 10+ years OD experience.
                        • Must commit 2 hours per month for the 12-month mentoring period.
                        • Must commit to attending the Kick-Off and Mid-Point Meetings.
                        • Individuals who participated in the prior year are welcome to apply.


                          Q: What is the role of a mentor?

                          A:  The role of a mentor is:

                            • Listening, advising, motivating, encouraging, and supporting.
                            • Sharing knowledge and experiences for the purpose of helping the mentee navigate their career path and accomplish career goals.
                            • The role of a mentor does not include teaching OD to the mentee.

                              Q:  What topics/issues will a mentor explore with me?

                              A:  Examples of the types of topics a mentor may discuss are:

                                • Professional success/challenges.
                                • Opportunities for development in the OD field.
                                • Short-term and long-term goals of mentee.
                                • Work/Life Balance issues.

                                  2022 Timeline

                                  December 1, 2021 – January 7, 2022

                                  Open Application Period

                                  January 10 - 14, 2022

                                  Committee Selects and Matches Applicants

                                  January 17, 2022

                                  Mentoring Pairs Announced

                                  January 17 - December 31, 2022

                                  Program Duration

                                  January 25th, 2022

                                  Program Kick-Off Session

                                  June 22, 2022

                                  Program Mid-Year Check-In Session

                                  November 2, 2022

                                  Program Wrap-Up/Closeout Session

                                  December 31, 2022

                                  Program Concludes 

                                  Contact Wayne Allen, the Mentoring Program Chair, via email here and include STL-ODN Mentoring in the subject line, for more information. If you're interested in being considered for the role of a mentor or mentee in the 2022 Mentoring Program please email

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