Eight Ways to Achieve Change Faster, Easier and Better

  • 10 Feb 2022
  • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
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People struggle with change.  They complain it is hard, takes too long, and costs too much.  All too often, it’s also ineffective.  Look at your own experience.  Wouldn’t you jump at the chance to achieve results in your own work faster, easier and better?

It’d be great if there were a predictable way to make this happen. There is. It’s called Leverage Change.

There are 8 smart, strategic actions, or levers, that are the core to this approach and can be applied to any change, any time, any place.  Use them and you’ll be on your way to getting more done with fewer headaches, hassles and problems.  You can use the levers for everything from strategy implementation to culture change to mergers and acquisitions and leadership development.

This is a session where you’ll get real work done.  This presentation is really a consulting experience masquerading as a presentation.  Using a unique “Rapid Response Consultation” approach, you’ll witness a real time roll up the sleeves demonstration of the power of applying the 8 Levers complete with a 5-minute countdown timer and volunteer from the audience. You’ll also have your own opportunity to put these same strategies to work on any type of change on your plate.

Question your assumptions. Challenge your paradigm.  Open your thinking. 

You’ll leave with a fresh perspective on change that will transform the way you see and do change work forevermore.  Faster, easier, better change is in your future.  Join this session and see how.

Learning objectives  

· Apply eight effective levers to supplement change methods.

· Learn two examples of visible improvements.

· Participate in a live rapid-response consultation.

· Discover the positive influence on colleagues through application of the levers.

About the Facilitator:

Jake Jacobs, President of Jake Jacobs Consulting helps organizations, teams, and individuals make monumental changes.

Over the past 35 years Jake has worked in 61 industries, from high tech to manufacturing to hospitality to entertainment to financial services. He has provided consulting services to 96 organizations, from Fortune 50 to national non-profits and community theaters. He has supported more than 210,000 people directly on important changes to their business including everything from strategy implementation to culture change to mergers and acquisitions and leadership development. He has partnered with CEOs, front-line workers and changemakers in middle management in organizations like Ford, Kraft and Marriott and helped create change in the City of New York, U.K.’s National Health Service and the United States Army and Navy. 

OD Global Competency Framework: Systems Change Expert

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